Study Visit to Arad 2013, Romanya
















         The Open Session was held by Mr. Nicolae GROȘAN, General Director of Arad Chamber of Commerce;

         Dr. Prof. Florian BORLEA, Prorector of Banat University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine Timisoara expressed his interest to participate and contribute with his expertise to this meeting and also for the project;

         Carmen BĂBUȚĂU, project coordinator from Arad held project presentation.

         Dr. Cosmin SĂLĂȘAN, Project expert, Professor at Banat University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, Timisoara held presentation Good Agricultural Practices - Romanian context.

          Presentation session was followed by discussions and debates facilitated by project expert Mr. Cosmin SĂLĂȘAN.

          The meeting was concluded with the schedule of the itinerary of the participants from Turkey and Greece to the farms in Arad County.

          Milch (Dairy farming), Andagra (cereals and seeds trade), Flora Arnou (cereals), Sarusi (orchard), Comdinatul Agroidustrial Curtici (agro industrial), AS Paduneni SA (agro industrial), Cris-Sib Lacto (milk plant), Dano Plant (plantaino of organic seabuckthorn) and Elite Wine companies/farms are visited.